Valorisation Potential of Using Organic Side Streams as Feed for Tenebrio molitor, Acheta domesticus and Locusta migratoria

Scientific publication

The demand for more sustainable protein sources is growing. Insects are believed to have potential as a sustainable protein source since they can be produced with lower environmental impact than current livestock. Furthermore, they have proven to be able to convert low-nutrient biomass into own nutrient-rich body mass, making them nutritionally interesting for applications such as food, feed and technical applications. The aim of this review was to provide more insight on the valorisation potential of agricultural side streams in feed for the rearing of yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor), house cricket (Acheta domesticus) and migratory locust (Locusta migratoria). Several key aspects need to be considered when aiming to valorise side streams in insect feed. The following aspects are discussed in detail: European legislation, the insects’ dietary requirements, the nutritional composition of insects and the availability of agricultural side streams in the EU. Additionally, research focusing on the production of insects on side streams is reviewed. Through this review, it is concluded that there is a huge potential to valorise residues in feed for the insects of interest. However, it is not a self-evident process.